Come and enjoy our menu of delicious Thai dishes in both spicy and mild flavours, specially prepared by our Bangkok-trained chefs. Try our tasty green curry, red curry or yellow curry dishes, as well as our Pad Thai, barbeque chicken, Thai Hot Wings, and much more. Mon Thong Thai Food Restaurant offers free delivery within a 10 km radius (day and night) with minimum orders of $25.00. Mon Thong Thai Restaurant has three convenient locations – 1876 Cooper Rd, Kelowna (Orchard Plaza), B1 1620 Dickson Ave. Kelowna (Landmark 5 Tower), and 1573 Ellis St. Kelowna (Downtown). 


Vegetable Main Dishes, Thai Satays, Pad Lui Fie, Thai Spring Rolls, Yellow Curry, Spinach Srong Khung, Red Curry, Pad See-eew, Pad Thai, Pad Black Bean Sauce, Green Curry, Tom Yum Gai, Noodles & Rice, Desserts Gloy Tod, Thai Salads, Pad Kee Mau, Pad Gra Paow, Pad King, Seafood Main Dishes, Phira Ram Long Suang.


Hoe Mok Gai, Spinach Srong-Khung, Thai Hot Wings, Goong Pad Num Prick Pao, Pad Sam Sahai, Barbeque Chicken.

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